The mission:

This is the 5th mission of the HI-SEAS project which aims to study crew selection, dynamics, and composition in the context of a simulated mission to Mars. The crew lives in a habitat in a remote location of Hawaii and has limited contact with the outside world. The crew performs mission tasks resembling those of a mission to Mars and are evaluated in many different ways.


I am just some kid with a mohawk that for whatever reason thinks a 9 to 5 is boring. I have more years of education than any sane person would subject themselves to and a few more years to go. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut and my favorite dinosaurs are brontosaurs (since “they” brought it back), and triceratops (assuming it doesn’t get merged with torosaurus). I think statistics are cool and more importantly I have a slight obsession with GC-MS. I didn’t get to where I am alone. I have the best network of friends, colleagues and advisors who support all of my crazy ideas and a mother who is willing to proofread all of my application essays- trust me there have been dozens- and tells me it’s ok when the rest of the world thinks I am insane.

The blog:

Despite being the author, I don’t know what the blog is going to be about. My best guess is that I’ll write about the mission or mars or something along those lines. Spelling was my worst subject in grade school and teachers used to chastise me for ignoring its importance. I still haven’t heard a convincing argument for why I should spend more time memorizing spelling words so this blog will contain some spelling and grammatical errors in it. I like to provide references when I make claims but given the communication constraints, I will probably be lax on this point. Feel free to fill out the contact form asking for a reference and I’ll do my best to reply.