After saying “yes” is different

What is a blog without a post? Well, I think it’s just a static webpage. I’ll keep this one short in part because I don’t have much time to say more. What I can say, is that applying for an analog opportunity and doing one are very different things. I had applied to analog programs before HI-SEAS and my narrative was quite clear. I had studied what it was like but the instant I accepted the offer to join crew 5, I learned just how much I didn’t know. Sure, the scientific literature is filled with results and data from previous analogs, I had heard stories from former participants, and I knew the key points. However, the practicality of participating in an analog study is an entirely different matter. I had to quit my job, move out of my apartment, secure ongoing projects, prepare a personal experiment for the mission, and get ready for the mission all in a short period spanning the winter holidays. Further, to know cognitively the emotions one might feel before the mission is nowhere near the same as feeling them for yourself. It’s like reading about a rollercoaster: you will get the concept but until you ride one for yourself, you have no clue what it actually feels like. The excitement, fear, anticipation, nervousness, and other emotions rush through me. I guess all of those preparations on my to do list serve to distract me from it.